Top TV shows to stream on Hotstar this weekend

Disney+ Hotstar is amongst one of the most viewed OTT platforms in today’s times. Offering a range of content in multiple languages, this is one place that’s bound to entertain you, no matter what! So, with its broad range of shows comes the question – what should I watch on Disney+ Hotstar this weekend? Here is what we think you would love to watch on Disney+ Hotstar- our recommendations!

The Last of Us

This is a tale that will take you on the journey of a world that has been through an apocalypse of unimaginable levels. Amidst this setting, a survivor commits everything he has to ensure the safe passage of a 14-year-old who could be humanity’s final hope.

New Girl

This is a hilarious and happy-go-lucky type of a comedy show that will make you giggle most of the times and sometimes, also shed a tear or two. At the heart of this show is a goofy and dorky girl who has suddenly moved into a new flat which is full of men. What follows is an epic story that is replete with some fun adventures.

The Night Manager

Currently being regarded as one of the most popular web shows, the Night Manager is a thrilling series that makes you ask the question – who will actually win? You follow the story of a hotel’s night manager, who realises there is an arms dealer who needs to be stopped before he wreaks havoc. How far will he go? And does a simple hotel manager really have it in him to stop such powerful forces?

Moving in with Malaika

We all know Bollywood’s very famous style diva Malaika Arora and are in awe of her dance numbers too. However, how many of you actually know the real side of Malaika? Is her reality as gleeful and gorgeous as is depicted in the reel life? So, to know her up, close and personal, you should definitely watch her show, Moving in with Malaika that will unravel some of her hidden secrets!

The Bear

Here’s a short drama series that has 8 episodes in totality. Well, this show will take you through an unforgettable experience in one of Chicago’s most famous sandwich restaurants. You start following the journey of Carny, who used to be a chef at some of the world’s largest restaurants but is forced to take over his elder brother’s (badly managed) sandwich shop due to his untimely death. Will Carny be able to manage his way through multiple financial, mental, and other challenges? Watch The Bear to experience his journey through ups and downs!

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