7 Email newsletter ideas to promote your band

As a band, it’s important to stay engaged with your fans. Of course, the easiest (and most fun) way to do that is on the stage. But how do you keep up with your fans when you’re not playing music?

Email newsletters are a great way to maintain engagement with your fans. And considering that 92% of the U.S. population has an email address, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to talk directly to at least most of your fans. Not sure what to talk about? Here are seven topic ideas for your band’s email newsletter.

New music releases

Every band wants their new music to blow up the minute it’s released. You know your existing fans are eagerly waiting for your next release, so why not give them the jump on it by letting them know about new music releases in your email newsletters?

Start building a buzz a few days or weeks before you actually release new music. Start teasing your new album, EP, or single with a preview of the cover art or even a snippet of one of the new songs. Then, when the actual release date comes, send a newsletter telling your fans where to find your new music and how to listen for themselves.

Upcoming show or tour dates

Similar to your music releases, your fans can’t wait until the next time they get to see your band live at a show. So be sure to share all your show and tour dates through your email newsletter.

The best way to showcase concert dates is to add them to your email newsletter as a bulleted list with everything your fans need to want to come to your next show.

Here’s all the info you should include (at least):

  • Location of the venue
  • Date and time of the show
  • Brief description of the show/venue (opening acts, venue size, tickets available, etc.)
  • Cost
  • How to buy tickets
  • Link to more information (preferably back to your band’s website)

And don’t just send a quick email a few hours or a day before a show. Give your fans time to mark their calendars and make plans. Send an email newsletter with concert dates at least a few weeks before the show. That should give your fans plenty of time to buy tickets, make preparations, and get excited!

Run a contest…

Who doesn’t like free stuff? One of the best email newsletter topic ideas to boost engagement is to run a contest. For example, send an email asking your fans to post their favorite picture from one of your shows to their social media feeds and tag your band. The band will vote on their favorite shot, and the winner will receive some special band merch — like a signed album, t-shirt, concert tickets, or a meet and greet with the band.

The better the prize, the more participants you’ll get. Plus, if you decide to run a social media photo contest, you can reshare all the posts to your feed for some extra social content. That’s how you run a multi-platform marketing campaign for your band!

…And share the results

Who won the contest!? Let your fans know with a great picture or video of the winner receiving and enjoying their prize — whatever it may be. This is a great opportunity to show how fun your band can be and what you do for your fans. Plus, it gives everyone else a good case of FOMO, ensuring they’ll participate in the next contest you run.

Talk about the meanings behind your songs

Song lyrics can be cryptic at times. Fans try to come up with their own interpretations, but sometimes they want to know the real meanings behind the songs. Your band’s email newsletter could be a great way to share the stories behind your best songs and the real meaning of the lyrics.

Not only will your fans get sucked into the stories behind their favorite songs, but they’ll also feel more engaged with your songs and the band as a whole — as if you weren’t already their favorite…

Go behind the scenes

Your band’s members all have unique personalities, and those personalities might not always shine through while you’re on the stage. Give your fans a sneak peek behind the scenes with your email newsletter.

Share fun pictures of your shenanigans on the road, bloopers from your music videos, or any other fun content you can think of. Then, write up a quick story of what was going on when you shot the content. You can even share quick videos of everyone getting set up for a concert.

This behind-the-scenes content is a great way to humanize the members of your band and better engage with your audience. They can see how fun you really are!

Share sales and deals

It’s always nice to sell more albums and merch. Why not put them on sale and promote the sales in your band’s email newsletter?

Whether you’re running a discount on last year’s t-shirts, promoting a new album with a discount code, or offering discounts on early-bird ticket sales, your email newsletter is the perfect place to tell your fans about your amazing deals. Plus, since you know everyone on your email newsletter contact list is a big fan, they’re more likely to take advantage of these deals and buy your merch!

Take your band’s email newsletter to the next level

Your band’s email newsletter is a great way to promote shows, merch, and drive more engagement from your fans. Of course, it’s not always easy to come up with new things to say. If you’re in need of new topics for your newsletters, think about promoting your new music releases, share upcoming show dates, run a contest, talk about the meaning behind your most popular songs, showcase behind-the-scenes band footage, and let your fans know about deals and sales you have going on.

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