5 Ways Technology Can Help You Better Organize Your Life

Technology is both a blessing and a curse, but one area where it can be really helpful is in organizing our lives. Whether you are an entrepreneur, a student, or a busy parent, making the most of tech tools will ensure you are never caught out by a missed medical appointment, deadline, or meeting. Below we will look at all the different ways technology can be utilized when organizing your life.


Online Planners

Diaries are great but it’s not always easy to make sense of the weeks when you can only see ahead one week at a time.

Using a digital yearly planner makes it a lot easier when you have a packed schedule. You can plan far ahead and have a useful overview of tasks. And because it’s digital, you can access your planner from any device, which means you don’t need to remember to pick up your diary every time you leave the house.

Digital Notes

Online notes are very useful in multiple scenarios. Use digital post-it notes to leave reminders for yourself or colleagues. You can share your notes with other people, and it will help you stay on track with projects and other tasks.

Digital Alarms

Got an early morning breakfast meeting? Need to hit the gym at 6 AM so you can take part in a spin class?

This is where a digital alarm comes in handy. You can set an alarm on your smartwatch or smartphone, or even better, both, and guarantee you won’t turn over and fall back to sleep. The great thing about using a smartwatch or smartphone to set an alarm is that you can customize it for different days. For example, if you regularly have an early start on a Monday but can enjoy a lie-in on a Tuesday because you work from home, it’s easy to set a different alarm for those days.

You can also set alarms to remind you about other things, such as taking medication or bedtime.

Fitness Trackers

Being organized is essential if you want to get fit, train for an event, or even lose weight. Unless you track your workouts and calorie intake, chances are you won’t hit your goals. Thankfully, fitness trackers can make life much easier, by tracking everything you do, analyzing your performance, and helping you to set achievable goals.

Grocery Shopping Apps

How often do you end up at the grocery store, wandering around aimlessly because you don’t have a clue what you need? This is dangerous. Shopping without a list means you are much more likely to buy unnecessary things and forget all the important stuff, like actual food as opposed to chocolate and booze.

Download a shopping app and use it to make lists. Encourage family members to have the same app, so it can be updated in real-time. That way, if your son drinks the last of the milk after you left for the office, he can add milk to the virtual list, and you can pick some up on your way home.

Make sure you use technology to assist not hinder when organizing your life. Before long, you’ll have smashed all your goals!