ND Art & Technology
proudly presents the MBB/Kawasaki BK 117 medium twin engine utility and transport helicopter for X-Plane 9!

Features include:
- Super detailed fully functional 3D cockpit
- Custom systems, including autopilot, trim, SAS, engine control, GPS and more...
- Realistic startup and shutdown
- Unique dynamic cockpit lighting
- Detailed interior and exterior
- High resolution textures with normal and specular maps
- Advanced animation of all moving parts, including rotor heads
- Realistic flight model characteristics and performance
- Flight tested by a real BK 117 crew member
- In-depth documentation

Though used for a variety of missions world wide, the BK 117 is best known in it's Helicopter Emergency Medical Service (HEMS) role, and it is in this configuration that you'll be able to fly this helicopter in X-Plane with an unprecedented level of realism.

No effort has been spared in making this the most realistic and immersive helicopter to fly in X-Plane. Along with an extremely detailed 3D environment, plugin driven custom systems allow you to operate this helicopter exactly as it's done in real life.