The BK-117 features one of the most detailed 3D-cockpits ever seen for X-Plane. Every gauge and instrument  has been recreated as actual 3D mesh with appropriately animated moving parts, protected by a glass surface with subtle reflections. You can almost reach out and touch them

High resolution textures produces a crisp experience and outstanding readability.

All avionics, fuel and electrical systems have been recreated in great detail, allowing the BK-117 to be operated according to the checklist for all phases of flight.

Knobs and handles use manipulator technology for easy and intuitive control.

In spite of the detail, the BK-117 3D-cockpit performs comparably or better than many other 3D-cockpits for X-Plane aircraft.

Dynamic night lighting features illuminated instruments, backlit panels, emergency exit and dome light. A unique feature is that lights and lit surfaces are gradually reduced with increasing daylight to produce a realistic look regardless of the time of day.

Pilot, co-pilot, engine instrument and standby horizon lights can be controlled independently.

The main source for cockpit light is the dome light on the overhead panel...

... but all light sources, including emergency exit lights and backlit panels, spread a nice but subtle ambient glow in the cockpit.